A good product fulfils a client’s needs. An effective marketing campaign fulfils a client’s wants. A great, successful product makes your client buy the product, use it, and gets them addicted. Remember the days before the invention of the computer mouse? Or the continuous scrolling wheel of the Apple Ipod?

So while User Interface (UI) can refer to how someone interacts with a physical product, in our digital world, it now encompases how a user interacts with a website, a mobile app or even with content. A good UI design guide your users to accomplish their objectives, makes them familiar with your design and helps your target audience intuitively know how to use it without a manual.

A great, successful product makes your client buy the product, use it, and gets them addicted.

Why do I care about UI? I just want them to register!

And that’s exactly why you need to care about it. Making things easier for your user will help you achieve your business objectives as well. Think about it, why do businesses set up a company website?

  • Lead-generation
  • Sales
  • Brand Building
  • Increase pageviews for ad revenue

The techniques to fulfil the above objectives and the UI Design involved can either help you reach your target of 10% conversion or lead to a 0.2% conversion.


1. Lead generation

One of the most common way for website lead-generation is to create a web-form that asks for a visitor’s email addresses and follow up with an auto-responder.


UI Design involved: How many fields do I require for customers to register? What button colours creates a more positive response? Are the buttons flat or clickable? Do I create an opt-in/out check box?


2. Sales

Most wanted answer: how do you convert a browser to a client?

Use pictures only to attract those who may profit you. Use them only when they form a better selling argument than the same amount of space set in type.

– Claude C. Hopkins (Advertising Pioneer 1866–1932)

UI Design Involved: The repetition of your primary Call-to-Action, using ‘benefit’ buttons instead of task-based ones, size of your product pictures or calculating the total costs in the shopping cart – every minute detail play on the psychology of the consumer and would ultimately affect a buy-or-drop decision. An experienced UI designer would have accumulated enough experience to tell you what are the best practices for your website, product type and industry.



3. Brand-Building

Your website might be the first touchpoint between your potential client and your company, so first impression counts. Customers view brands as a unified entity, and they expect that brand’s value to be consistently delivered across all channels. A great UI impresses your users and turn them into your brand ambassadors.

UI Design Involved: Businesses who provide a product will be judged on their services as well. Are you able to respond promptly when clients encounter a problem? Do you have social proof of happy customers? Do you create a venue for satisfied customers to build a community of fans?

Techgoondu was seeking a revamp of its website, one which was easy to use yet conveyed the professionalism of the writers. In Pixel Tie, we found the best team to execute this simple vision of ours because they understood exactly what an editorial needed for a website.

– Alfred Siew, Editor and Co-founder at Techgoondu.com


4. Increasing pageviews

If your website is ad-driven, you want to create a reason for users to keep coming back to your website. This can include a well executed content strategy under a blogpage on your site to create stickiness. Or you could think of ways to market your articles to increase your reach.

UI Design Involved: Does your blog page allow readers to search through a relevant content easily- is a search box or content list more relevant? Are readers automatically recommended to other related entries within your website? Is your content easily shareable?


A good user interface has high conversion rates and is easy to use. In other words, it creates a win-win situation to both the business owner as well as the people using it. You end up losing sales if the wonderful product is made unaccessible with a bad UI design. Remember: A great, successful product makes your client buy the product, use it, and gets them addicted.

Want to enjoy the benefits of a better UI Design?


Founder & Creative Director at Pixel Tie. Rémy has a particular enthusiasm for all things digital and interactive. He is also a Serial Bread & Cheese Eater, Mountain Biker & Proud Philatelist.

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