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Sport Singapore is a statutory board under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth of the Singapore Government. It is the lead agency tasked with developing a holistic sports culture for the nation.

Tagit, a mobile application development company, approached Pixel Tie to become their UX partner in the development of the latest health and fitness application for Sport SG.

The My ActiveHealth mobile application had to fit in the Singapore government long initiative to promote the ownership and participation of an active lifestyle for all Singaporeans. The app not only had to be relevant to fitness aficionados, but it also had to resonate with a wide audience.


For the entire project, which will have lasted most of the year 2017, we mainly focused on Research, Analysis and Design. This, within the Agile Development Framework based on our collaboration with Tagit. Find out more below.


As of october 2018, MyActiveHealth mobile application has been released to public and 10,000+ installs have been made on Google Play. Users are giving it an average review of 3.8/5 on App Store and 3.2/5 on Google Play.

MyActiveHealth app was also announced Gold Winner in the ‘Best App - Government Services’ category at Mob-Ex Awards 2019.

Video Credit: Sport Singapore

Research to create an informed user experience

With the objective of creating an informed user experience, we ran qualitative and quantitative researches to collect insights such as opinions and motivations but also data points in measurable and numerical form.

Some of the insight we get were how we needed to shift user perception of walking or how they needed to be educated about the impact of screen time. "Nutrition" was another one and needed to have a bigger role in the app. In term of design, a simplified cartoonish interface happened to be more relevant to the mass.

Sport SG - Preference Testing
Sport SG - Five Second Testing
Sport SG - User Interview

Analysis to validate hypothesis

After drawing insights from data collected during the Research, we had long interviews with sport scientists at Sport SG to help us define the various requirements and specifications to make the app relevant and efficient.

Which criteria should be used to define the quality of a plank and its outcome depending of each individuals? How do we visually represent the relationships between these data to viewer while keeping it easily understandable?

You get the idea, we then created hundreds of personas and scenarios to validate our hypothesis.

Sport SG - Analysis

Design to put ideas in front of users

Jumping into the Design phase is always very exciting as it is the realisation of all the time spent in Research and Analysis. It also allowed us to put ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat to validate ideas and assumptions.

At this stage, wireframes, mockups and prototypes were the main items we worked on.

ActiveHealth app - Dashboard
ActiveHealth app - Screen Time
ActiveHealth app - Sleep
ActiveHealth app - Sleep tracker
ActiveHealth app - Screen Time
ActiveHealth app - Screen Time tracker
ActiveHealth app - Nutrition
ActiveHealth app - Nutrition
ActiveHealth app - Strength
ActiveHealth app - Strength test
ActiveHealth app - Mobility
ActiveHealth app - Mobility test
ActiveHealth app - Articles
ActiveHealth app - Create Account

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