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2018 - 2019

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DirectAsia is an award-winning direct lines insurer for car, motorcycle and travel insurance. The company was looking for an agency to handle their content strategy in order to boost their organic reach and brand awareness.


Singapore is a rather small market and the insurance industry is dominated by a few key brands. In recent years, consumers have also become more savvy when it comes to comparing insurance rates since the proliferation of financial comparison websites have made this easier.

Unlike life insurance, general insurance, including car, motorcycle and travel insurance are rather competitive products with very slight differences offered between brands. With a majority of customers buying general insurance online, it is critical for insurance brands to have good keyword ranking, as well as build a credible/trusted brand that is crucial for this line of business.

As content marketing is a long term approach, we conducted in-depth SEO technical, content and social media audits to look at what has been working so far and what has to be changed.

From there, we were able to draft an overall content strategy and roadmap based on our insights to ensure that DirectAsia get the result they were looking for - increasing reach and improving organic search traffic.

A monthly content plan inclusive of topics and content suggestions, publishing dates and social media links that were to be posted was then created. Over the course of 14 months, all sorts of content were produced.


In addition to improving their overall transactions from organic reach by 20%, we boosted their number of new users by 15%, their revenue from blog by 40% and their blog page value by 83%.

In term of SEO, we improved their ranking for their focus keyword "travel insurance singapore" by 31 positions, making DirectAsia appears on the first page of Google Search for this specific keyword.

And finally, we generated over a million of video views online and thousands of engagements on social media to boost their brand awareness.

Blog posts to increase brand awareness

With over 100 articles produced to cover each stage of DirectAsia's marketing funnel, we ensured to draw their target audience to their content, increasing their brand awareness and creating a relationship based on meeting their audience needs. Our strategy paid off as we increased their blog's revenue by 40% vs. the previous year.

DirectAsia - Blog Posts

Customer Testimonials to strengthen credibility

Among other videos, we produced the "Save More" campaign, a video series of 3 Customer Testimonials, to strengthen the credibility of DirectAsia as well as generating visibility for the brand. On the top of the offline views (CBD lifts and cinema ad), the campaign generated more than 1.18 Millions views online and +1,860 interactions across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Marketing Collaterals to generate engagement

A diversity of content type was produced to generate engagement. A picture is worth a thousand words and other forms of content such as infographic, email and video text perform much better in term of engagement. As an example, our infographics generated over 3,150 engagements on social media.

DirectAsia - Truck Ad

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