This month, I attempted to transform my daughter’s doodle into a professional short animation using a couple of AI tools. I documented my process for those who want to try these tools out.

October also brought us the Adobe Max Conference, where a significant milestone was achieved for their Content Credentials project. Furthermore, they unveiled ‘Project Primrose’ – an interactive digital dress that can change its design.

In the Ad space, Netflix France unveiled an elegant and smart advertising campaign for Lupin season 3, while the BBC Studios Creative team crafted a set of stunning episodic imagery to mark the release of Planet Earth III.

On the technology front, two augmented reality experiences have captured my attention. The first is a mixed-reality gaming concept that enables players to interact with a scanned toy in augmented reality. The second is a tool designed for marketers, allowing them to scan objects in 3D and generate dynamic QR codes from them.

In essence, another month a month filled with captivating design discoveries. Without further ado, let’s dive into this carefully curated selection below.


Turning a Kid’s Doodle into a “Pro” Animation

In this example, I scanned my 5-year-old daughter’s doodle and attempted to convert it into a short “professional” animation. The entire process took me approximately 1 hour.

My conclusion is the same as before – these AI tools are undeniably a game-changer in the context of a pre-production process. They empower creatives to enhance their drawing skills and be even more creative by providing them with additional time to explore various options.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that maintaining consistency between scenes (same character, same background, etc.) remains quite challenging, and the animation stage is still far from the level required for a finalised production. It’s evident that we haven’t quite reached that stage just yet.

If you want to try it on your own, here’s the process you can see in the video. All these products have a free version with limited credits for renderings, so you don’t have to spend a dollar if you just want to try them out for fun:

➡️ Scan your sketch
➡️ Import it into to turn it into a concept drawing
➡️ Import the concept drawing into to convert it into a pro visual asset
➡️ Import your pro visual asset into to generate a short video


 Adobe MAX 2023: Content Credentials

If you wonder if we’ll ever trust again what we see on the internet as authentic, you need to know that the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), in collaboration with brands like Adobe and Microsoft has been working on a possible answer called Content Credentials for a while now. 

This week marked a new milestone when Adobe showcased how leading brands are already starting to leverage Content Credentials during the Adobe MAX 2023 event:

Credit Image: Adobe

Microsoft introduced Content Credentials to all AI-generated images created with Bing Image Creator.

Credit Image: Adobe

Leica‘s camera models will soon watermark photos, providing both photographers and consumers with a tangible way to verify digital content authenticity.

Nikon is also following suit, showcasing a Z 9 camera with image provenance functionality, including Content Credentials.

Credit Image: Adobe

Publicis Groupe begins adopting CR for creative and client work to bring transparency to consumer campaigns as well.


 Adobe MAX 2023: Project Primrose

Credit Image: Adobe

During the same Adobe Max 2023 event,  research scientist Christine Dierk unveiled ‘Project Primrose’ –  an interactive digital dress that allows the one who wears it to change its design and to animate it in the blink of an eye. This presentation certainly opened the doors to more dynamic fashion!


Lupin Season 3 Advertising Campaign

To promote the upcoming season of ‘Lupin’, Netflix France has unveiled an elegant and innovative advertising campaign to honor the reputation of the gentleman burglar.

Inspired by the communication codes of fashion and jewelry brands like Tiffany & Co., Rolex, and Céline, the ad manages to highlight the ‘products’ in the most Lupin-esque way!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as well, with the campaign dropping right in the midst of Paris Fashion Week.


Planet Earth III Imagery

Take a look at these stunning episodic imagery made by BBC Studios Creative for the release of the Planet Earth III series. Is it only my perception or do you see cage bars as well?

The first episode was released last Sunday. I haven’t watched it yet but I already know that the astonishing footage combined with the beautiful narration of Sir David Attenborough will strike a chord once again.


Mixed-Reality Gaming Concept

Video credit: Sergei Galkin

Imagine scanning your favorite toy and diving into a mixed-reality video game with it. This is the concept proposed by Sergei Galkin, a talented AR Experience Creator and 3D Graphics Specialist, in this video.


Augmented-Reality Code Object Capture App

Video Credit : Maxime Maisonneuve

The AR Code Object Capture app might be a small revolution for marketers. This app makes creating an Augmented Reality (AR) experience almost too easy. It enables users to effortlessly scan objects in 3D and generate dynamic QR Codes from them.


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