We’re thrilled to announce that one of our motion graphics videos, created for our client DBS, has earned the title of “Video of the Day” by Motion Design Awards! 🌟 

This video is part of a series of 6 explainer videos each based on evergreen articles featured on the DBS Financial Planning Literacy website. The videos have a primary goal of educating Singaporeans on financial literacy. They involve transcribing intricate topics into easily comprehensible narratives, catering to an audience without extensive personal finance knowledge. Additionally, they strive to infuse dynamism into typically unengaging subjects like life insurance, retirement, home loans, and more.

A big shoutout to the talented individuals involved in this project:
Creative director: Rémy Rey-De Barros
Script writer: Lauren Kirsty Gouws
Illustrator / Animator: Daniel Penuela
Voice-over talent:  Lisa Baarns

Motion Design Awards - Video of the day

Founder & Creative Director at Pixel Tie. Rémy has a particular enthusiasm for all things digital and interactive. He is also a Serial Bread & Cheese Eater, Mountain Biker & Proud Philatelist.

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