This month, I teamed up with ChatGPT to delve into the intricate realm of B2B product design – an experience that has proven to be truly transformative.
Imagine a healthcare revolution fueled by augmented reality (AR) during medical emergencies. The potential is staggering, holding profound implications for the future of healthcare.
In another arena, The Straits Times presented a captivating data story, a vibrant portrayal of Singapore that goes beyond information and ventures into artistry.
A leap back to 1830 reveals a peepshow book, a precursor to our modern immersive experiences. It’s a testament to our journey and the paths we’re forging.
On a more practical note, Design Lead Minh Pham offers a remarkable tutorial, enabling the creation of a code-free 3D website in just 15 minutes.
Before I wrap up, I’ve distilled invaluable insights from my reading of REWORK, crafted to boost your confidence as you embark on your own design business journey.

In other words, another month filled with amazing new design discoveries. So without further ado, let’s dive into the curated selection below.


Leveraging ChatGPT for B2B Product Design

Leveraging ChatGPT for B2B Product Design from Rémy Rey De Barros

Collaborating with ChatGPT to navigate the intricate world of B2B product design has truly been a game-changer for me.

From the Product Definition to the Validation stage, my new AI assistant has proven invaluable in supporting me through the entire UX Design Process. It not only saved me (a lot of) time but also empowered me to delve deeper into design exploration.

This document is especially focusing on the conversational aspect of our collaboration.


Augmented Reality Applied to ER

Augmented reality (AR) isn’t just transforming gaming. It’s also primed to revolutionize healthcare. What if AR could help you save a stranger’s life, or even help a stranger save yours?

Starting at 2.10min in this video, Dr. Atul Gupta – Chief Medical Officer Image Guide Therapy at Philips, takes you with him into the future of healthcare.


Singapore in Colour

Singapore is a wonderful melting pot of vibrant culture and life. To capture this essence, The Straits Times extracted the colours of Singapore from thousands of photos in a procedural manner.

Once combined, these colours painted a vivid portrait of the island, presenting a mosaic of neighbourhoods, each possessing its own unique personality and charm. A pretty fascinating data story.


Immersive experience from 1830

Credit: Allie Alvis

This peepshow book – also called tunnel book – was created in 1830 and is shaped like an accordion, with scenery on each fold. It gives a sense of depth when unfurled as if it’s carrying you on a leisurely stroll through the Jardin des Tuileries.


Dive into 3D websites with this coding-free tutorial

The talented Design Lead, Minh Pham, recently made this real-time 3D website, crafted without a single line of code.

Using Dora, a new web builder platform, he was able to import an animated 3D model effortlessly and then proceed to create animations using keyframes.


Biz Confidence Boost: Lessons I Learned From REWORK

I just finished this book and wish I had read it years ago. It would have boosted my confidence in developing my business the way I wanted, rather than listening to some people trying to convince me otherwise.

So, here is a selection of advice that resonated with me… [Read the article]


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