To kickstart this new year placed under the Viva Magenta! color, I purchased some wine in the French countryside with the help of a Virtual Assistant Sommelier
I also came across an intriguing Online Shopping AR and watched a captivating – and AI-generated – video about the Evolution of Visual Expression. 
Speaking of AI tool, Ryan Reynolds amazed me once again with a clever and original marketing campaign for one of his businesses by using ChatGPT in a playful way.

In other words, another month filled with amazing new design discoveries, some of which are listed below.

The Evolution of Visual Expression

A history of art and technology directed by Fabio Comparelli using AI.

As stated by the author, AI is just a tool. This video was generated based on a specific description with great detail and in a certain chronological order. As the title implies, this is not an AI interpretation of art history.

For a video lasting 1 minute, the author also had to make certain choices to keep it short with impactful and iconic images.

Virtual Assistant Sommelier

While in the countryside of France during the festive period, I discovered a new virtual sommelier assistant interface in one of the grocery stores next to my place.

You may select your preferred wine type, its area, its taste, its price as well as the type of dish you want to pair it with in order to get a selection of wines based on your needs.

A solution that not only allows the company to validate its customers’ interest and enhance the in-store experience but is also scalable and reduces costs associated with training store staff.

Wine is no joke around here!

Viva Magenta!

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year is here, and it’s Viva Magenta.

Elected by 40 specialists from various professions, this color will inspire design trends for the year.

“Reconnect inspirations with nature and create a disconnection with technology.”

To highlight the motto behind their choice, Pantone also teamed up with Huge to deliver futuristic visuals created using the AI tool Midjourney.

Online Shopping AR prototype

Ian Curtis‘s AR prototype for online shopping explores a new approach to consumer interaction. Real-time reflections, baked cloth simulations, and some AI-generated picture textures are used in the experience.

This prototype was created to give us a better idea of how we might soon use AR glasses to interact with the world on a regular basis.

Ryan Reynolds vs ChatGPT

You can tell that something is happening when famous people jump on the latest technology trends.

Mobile network Mint Mobile has released a new ad featuring brand co-owner Ryan Reynolds reading a script composed by ChatGPT, a generative AI tool. The outcomes, in Reynolds’ own words, are “mildly terrifying, but compelling.”

What makes this ad particularly good is the fact that Reynolds acknowledges the use of ChatGPT and uses it in a playful way.

How Digital Transformation Turns Frowns Upside Down

Misguided digital transformation, or worse, onboarding the latest technology believing it’ll revolutionise a business, does NOT guarantee a return on investment.

By analysing examples of proactive and successful digital transformation (as well as the opposite), we can better understand how to futureproof businesses for an increasingly volatile and uncertain future.

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