This month, I dug into metaverse advertising with the latest Burberry campaign and I came across a fantastic AI tool to copy real-life items with a phone and to paste them into a desktop app.

The amazing contemporary wood sculptures by Hsu Tung Han also caught my eye, and I was astounded by a very creative campaign for Alzheimer‘s awareness.

Finally, I found time to write a piece on Hybrid collaboration for UX teams based on my daily work.

In other words, another month filled with amazing new design discoveries, some of which are listed below.

Burberry x Minecraft

As part of its metaverse strategy, British luxury house Burberry has just partnered with Minecraft to launch an in-game collection. 

The two brands combine fashion and gaming, both digitally and physically.

While exploring a rendering of London in the game environment, players can come across brand classics such as the Equestrian Knight character or characters from the Burberry animal kingdom. On the IRL side, immersive experiences are available in some of their stores.

More details on the campaign website.


By combining artificial intelligence & network communication, ClipDrop allows users to copy real-world items with a phone camera and to paste them directly into desktop apps. 

Pixelated Wood Sculptures

Using traditional methods, Taiwanese sculptor Hsu Tung Han’s contemporary wood sculptures are instilled with a futuristic spirit thanks to the pixelated glitches that permeate each piece. 

Made of wood, his carved figurative works showcase an encounter between the digital and analogue world, the old and the new, as well as a sense of movement and displacement.

Crafted like a puzzle, these intricate pieces dissolve into a meadow of pixels that seem to defy gravity.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Campaign

Do you feel anxious, disoriented, confused, and/or frustrated by looking at these pictures? 

Although this isn’t exactly a new campaign, it’s always good to raise awareness for a terrible disease such as Alzheimer’s.

The work accomplished by BBDO Germany GmbH for Alzheimer Research Initiative is so powerful. What a brilliant concept! 👏👏👏

Hybrid Collaboration for UX Teams

Harnessing the creative energy of design can be especially difficult in hybrid offices. 

With the future of work looking solidly hybrid, it’s time to start asking ourselves how to adapt design teams, methodologies, and activities to hybrid for the long term.

Or better yet, how might we create hybrid offices where designers can grow, be creative, and thrive? 

Read the article

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