My research this month led me to try a pretty impressive text-to-video tool and to watch the Design League – an eSports competition on Web Design (yes!). October was also marked by the disappearance of the talented Korean artist – Kim Jung Gi. The Natural History Museum unveiled the « Wildlife Photographer of the Year » winners, a drone show company revived destroyed architectural monuments, and I finally published the first volume of my “Design lessons from Singapore” series.

In other words, another month filled with amazing new design discoveries, some of which are listed below.

When Web Design meets eSports

Relume brought together major players in web design to create a Design League.
The concept is a head-to-head competition on Figma. Participants have a panel of components at their disposal and 30 minutes to come up with a landing page on a specific theme.

Check their Youtube channel to watch more.

RIP Kim Jung Gi

Earlier this month, the extremely talented Korean artist – Kim Jung Gi – passed away at age of 47.

He made art look “easy” simply by the spontaneity with which he seemed to create detailed scenes with little to no planning. 

Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community and for years of inspiration.

Text-to-video Runway ML

Text-to-video generators are already here and they are going to enable anyone to bring their imagination to life without any technical knowledge.

Although it is still the early days, the democratisation of video production will eventually occur.

If you’re interested, you may already sign up to be part of the waiting list.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The prestigious Natural History Museum has unveiled the 2022 winners of its « Wildlife Photographer of the Year » competition. This year, American photographer Karine Aigner won the heart of the jury with her shot “The big buzz” which reveals a group of bees competing to mate.

Here is a selection of my faves but please do check their website to see more of these beautiful shots along with their story.

Design lessons from Singapore | Volume 1

I live in Singapore for more than a decade now and I’m still regularly (and pleasantly) surprised by some design choices made here. Everything is so functional!

So I started to document some of these designs to draw a parallel with User Experience and (Digital) Product Design.

Today, I’m pleased to share my first observations.

Droneshow and Historical Heritage

Love it when technology and creativity are used to serve historical heritage. 
With their float of synchronised drones, Cyberdrone has temporarily revived the vestiges of the past and the result is mesmerising.

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