Maybank Investment Bank

“Market Insight” Mobile Application

The Brief

Maybank Investment Bank is the largest bank and financial group in Malaysia.

Their mobile trading solution “Market Insight” for Malaysia and Singapore is the only one in the market that combines traditional Research & Market Intelligence (News, Geopolitics & Catalyst that affect Stock Price). There is also an in-house team of research writers & sales managers helping clients to acquire relevant information for their stock-picks.

The objective of this campaign was to bring awareness about this mobile application, especially for current customers with a Maybank account that could download it for free.

Our Answer

We took time to understand our client’s business and the key message they wanted to get across in their video to ensure an awesome result.

The format we used to communicate about this product was a motion graphics video.
The three messages we wanted to highlight were:

  1. This app is easy to use,
  2. it combines Research & Market Intelligence
  3. and its relevance in fast-moving markets.

The Result

The client found the video to be beyond their expectations – not only were the objectives achieved, they loved how the style and rhythm of the video was able to give their brand a fresher outlook to attract the younger and tech-savvy investors who is their target audience.